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Estimated arrival time as short as 15 minutes

We have 3 mobile units for car opening in our service area and we offer 24 hour emergency service. Each year we keep current with new manuals and tools. We use specialized tools, lights, and wedges to try to prevent damage to your vehicle.


Our locksmiths can be dispatched during our regular hours, depending on other work scheduled and your location, our ETA’s can be as short at 15 minutes. When you call a locksmith will give you an ETA of when we can be on site.


After hours is for emergency service. The phone is forwarded and if you do not reach us, you will hear a message giving you our home numbers. Do not leave a message on a home phone, we are not available if the phone is not answered (we may be out for some time). Late at night when people sleep, do not call around waking every locksmith up trying to find the lowest price, go with the first one that will agree to do the work. Please note that after hours prices are higher than regular hours, the later the higher. This is our time to be home with family.


You may not realize that your insurance covers car openings. If you have “towing” or “Road Service” coverage, you are probably covered. Confirm with your insurance agent. Insurance company’s may have a limit of $150 and limit on the number of times per year. Check with your agent on limits and how it doesn’t affect your insurance rates.

Lock repair, replacement and rekeying

You can bring in your auto or we can come to it for many lock problems. We deal with ignitions, door, trunk locks that fail. We can replace most locks and maintain your existing key, including many high security type locks. We can deal with many of the new transponder keys.


We stock many of the more popular auto locks, and have the capability to key and rekey most. Our stock includes domestic and foreign auto locks.


Rekeying your car so the old keys do not work, or to go back to the factory design of 1 or 2 keys, is another specialty of ours. When we sell you a new lock for your car, keying to your existing key is included.


Frequently we find the problem may not be with the lock. In our NW environment, we find auto locks frequently corrode and some good lubricant will solve many problems. We stock Tri-Flow and LPS 1 just for those problems. Do not use Graphite, lockease, or WD-40, we find that they are not effective against corrosion. Another common problem is a bad key, worn out, bad copy, etc. and we can decode the key and replace it with a factory cut key.

Protect your automobile investment

Accurate Lock & Security, INC. provides key options

Keys fit when lost

Each auto maker has different lock systems, even from year to year they vary, and each has its challenges to fitting a first key. Each year we purchase new manuals, equipment, etc. to keep up with changes. The best thing to do is to call and talk with one of our locksmiths, who will then research your particular vehicle and present you with different options. When you call, we will prefer to talk with the owner of the car, and we will go through questions in a systematic way. Our questions may not make sense to you, however, please answer them the best you can, with clear answers, we have learned from decades of experience how best to deal with this situation.


Some of the vehicles with high security locks are much more difficult to deal with. Some may require us to send a lock to an affiliated service center in Southern California. Some vehicles may need to be towed to the closest dealer (Saabs and BMWs to the Seattle area, and Mini Coopers to Fife (near Tacoma). The best thing to do is to call and one of our locksmiths can give you your options of what’s possible.


We can also deal with roof racks, canopies, tool boxes, gas caps, RV’s, Horse trailers, etc.

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