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Duplicate keys

Choose from over 3 thousand keyways in stock. We carry a wide variety of common house, padlock, or commercial keyways. Our automotive stock covers foreign and domestic, including motorcycle. We have an extensive selection of discontinued or “non-stock” keyways.


We can also duplicate Tubular, “skeleton”, bit, barrel, flat steel, safe deposit, safe, suitcase, and other rare or hand-made keys.


Please get that duplicate key made before you lose it, lock it in, or break it!

High security auto keys

With our side mill machine, we make duplicate keys for high security autos as follows: BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Infiniti, Saab, Volvo for Semi trucks, VW/Audi, and others as they become available.


These locks are more difficult and expensive to work on, so please make sure you have extra copies and if you notice any problems with the key/lock, please bring your vehicle by so our locksmiths and check it out for you. Our locksmiths will see if there is any problem with the lock or key and then give you the options to solve the problem. Some problems left un-treated can result in failure that can leave you stranded, often at a terrible time and location.

Your local Locksmith serving Whatcom, Skagit, and Island Counties

Accurate Lock & Security serves Northwest Washington for Residential and Commercial Home, Auto, Business or any security needs.

Transponder (RFID) auto keys

We can duplicate many of the new transponder keys (with computer chip) for you. Each auto manufacture has its own hardware and software designs that affect how duplicates are made and “enrolled” into the car’s computer, please call or stop by to ask about your car.


Current capabilities include the Ford/Lincoln/Mercury line (PATS), GM’s Transponder and “pellet” keys (VATS, PASS, and PK3), Chrysler product (most require 2 operating keys that start the car), Toyota and Lexus, and others.


We find that owners are never informed of the existence of the Transponder, let alone how it works, how difficult/expensive it can be if you lose a key or all your keys. The Transponder chip in the head of the key uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) technology. It’s the same technology used in Proximity Cards in Access control systems (used in many commercial or government installations). There is an antenna in the steering column that powers up the chip when the key is inserted into the ignition. The chip then responds with its ID, this interaction varies from manufacture, including various inscriptions, rolling codes, and changing codes. Even though the key may turn in the ignition, only if the vehicle’s security computer recognizes that key as allowed will the vehicle be allowed to start (or in some cases, run for more than 5 second to 2 minutes).


The keys can be identified with different color rubber heads (grey, or tan), stamping on the blade of the key, or specific shape and/or location of the key ring hole. On many you can see where the chip inserts as a square depression in the edge of the key head.


Each manufacturer allows differing levels of service that is available. Those like BMW, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Saab, Porsche etc. require the dealer to make keys when all are lost, or even duplicates. Saab has the limitation that only 4 keys can be enrolled, and then the computer must be replaced. Please call with any questions on these, we can research your vehicle and tell you the specifics for it.


The cost for servicing, duplicating, or originating keys for these is high because each manufacturer requires its own equipment to service. We are currently working to expand the equipment we have to service more models.


If you have a key that doesn’t work right, broken, wore out, etc., we can solve the problem. It may be possible for us to create a factory key from your key. If told before we cut the key, we can try to compensate for a bad key when we duplicate. When you come in, tell the locksmith the problem and they will decide on the best course of action for your situation.


To prevent such problems, try to always have duplicates made from originals (preferably by us). Keep an eye on your keys, check them over occasionally and look to see if the brass is wearing through the nickel coating, or it’s wearing down to a sharp edge. Look for any cracks, even small ones can signal it’s time to retire the key and replace it. There are so many times we have customers in a bad spot because they have no duplicate and didn’t pay attention to their keys. We can dispatch a locksmith to your location to solve the problem, but it does cost more than a duplicate key.

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