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High security locks

We have 3 options for high quality high security locks, Medeco, KeyMark, and Abloy. All three of these offer a patented keyblank that requires a special key machine to cut keys and a factory contractual agreement that dealers will only cut keys they are authorized to cut. Medeco and Abloy offer “extreme” pick resistance, along with superior resistance to physical attack. KeyMark offers key control with pick resistance.


Key control is the ability to control duplication of keys. This is accomplished not by stamping “Do Not Duplicate” on common keys, it can only truly be accomplished by purchasing it. The products we have selected to sell require special key machines cutting the keys precisely to work in the locks with precise specifications. While the keyway patent has expired on some of the product we sell, there is no manufacture making the blanks and with assigned keyways, there are many variations.


Our high security product line is available in a variety of formats. We can usually convert existing locks to one of them, or provide new locks. They all make high quality deadbolts for maximum security.


The Abloy is the best product for abusive, industrial, dirty environments. We have then on fish processing plants, marine piers with salt spray, cold storage warehouses kept at 20 below, in deep forest with high vandalism, truck terminals, airports, high security cash control, etc. We have been selling Abloy since 1984.




Medeco locks and cylinders are very well made and are suitable for all sorts of applications. High frequency offices, and retail, cabinet and drawers in high security cash environments, computer server rooms, gaming machines, safes, drug storage, medical environments, etc.


KeyMark locks and cylinders are also well made, but lack the pick resistance of Abloy and Medeco, or the resistance to physical attack. They are an economical way to gain key control in facilities with lower security requirements. It’s a very versatile product, besides the ability to convert the same locks as Medeco and Abloy, KeyMark can convert almost any interchangeable (or removable core) format. KeyMark can bridge different interchangeable formats, from Schlage LFIC to Corbin/Russwin to Yale to Sargent to Best SFIC.


Generally, safes break down into 2 categories, burglary protection, and fire protection. There are safes that offer some protection in both categories, but without the full protection. Safes are rated here in the US by UL (Underwriters Laboratory) and for the Asian manufactures by the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards). The UL is tougher than the JIS.


For more information on fire ratings, go to this link:


There are 2 security ratings used, one for the insurance industry and one by UL. The UL ratings start at high security cash vaults. Here is a link on UL’s security ratings.


In addition to selling safes, we also service them. We can change combinations on mechanical and electronic safe locks. If you find yourself with a safe and not combination, we can also open the safe, we maintain information about drill points and opening techniques along with special tools. Opening a safe requires a high level of skill and continuing education resulting in higher costs. We advise our customers to do whatever it takes to not lose their combination (keep a sealed copy with a relative, multiple copies at home/work, etc.) so we never need to do an opening. If your safe fails for some reason, we can try some trouble shooting techniques before we need to drill to open it. Anytime you are experiencing trouble opening your safe, it’s worth a quick phone call to see if it’s something serious and it might prevent a lock-out situation.

Protect your valuables

We offer high security locks, safes and deadbolts

Security Enhancements

We have a variety of products and ideas to enhance physical security. Just some examples:


1) “Wrap-Around” plates. This is one way to repair doors that have been damaged or split, retrofit a modern designed knob lock over an old mortise or skeleton key lock, or to improve the inferior security of residential metal doors. The plates are made of either stainless steel, brass, or bronze, depending on the color desired, they are either 9” or 4 _” tall, with 4” on both sides of the door and can come with 2 hole preparations (one for a lockset and one for a deadbolt) designed to hold the latch in the edge of the door.


2) Security strike plates. We have a variety of security strike plates, the type with a heavy steel plate and long screws that mounts behind the finish plate, and others that are taller than normal with holes for 4 or 6 long screws (good for repairing door frames damaged in break-ins).



3) Latch guards. A latch guard is generally a plate that covers the gap between the door and frame to prevent shimming the latch of a lockset. Multiple designs cover a variety of situations, including some with a heavy pin to interlock the door and frame together and prevent prying the door and frame apart. There are even some designed for doors that open-in that interlock.



4) Sliding glass doors. Sliding glass doors are more like a window than a door and should be thought of such when considering security. There are lock cylinders that can be used to give key access on the outside, however, our experience has shown they wear out quickly with daily use (since they are now made in China) and we do not recommend using a slider as everyday access. We stock some and have available a variety of replacement handles, locks etc. Additionally,  we stock the security latches that you frequently see in hotel rooms and find them to be a good auxiliary lock. A “Charlie Bar” is an aluminum tube that folds down to block the door from opening and will work only with a door that slides on the “inside” of the house (as will a dowel of wood).


5) Window locks/pins. We have a variety of these to help secure your windows.


6) Cabinet, drawer, cam, etc. locks. We have a variety of these types of locks in stock or available, many in high


7) Other. We can usually find some product or design to fit your situation.

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